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cover image Something In The Rain

Something In The Rain (2018)

3 Ratings 16 Episodes

Also known as 'Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food' is a story about hard working woman who meets her best friend's younger brother after a long time. They start seeing each other in a new light but they have to face many hurdles to fall in love.


  • Son Ye-jin
  • Jung Hae-in


  • Ahn Pan-seok


  • Kim Eun
  • Romance
  • Drama
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clarerose.lili 4.0

Spoiler free review:

A drama that showcases what it feels like for  a couple where the woman is older than the male. The barriers they have to endure and the society they have to face. This drama covered many woman centric issues from workplace sexual harassment and the revenge seeking ex-boyfriend. It is fresh and unique drama with lots for sweet, enduring moments to make your heart splatter. :p

I loved how the characters grew in this drama especially Son Ye-jin's character. She went from silently dealing with workplace harassments to openly exposing the higher male staffs. Her chemistry with Jung Hae-in was the cherry on top. They felt so real and so in love that it warmed my heart. Jung Hae-in's character is probably the best boy friend any woman would seek for. Though, I wonder why they did him bad in the 15th episode.

Apart from the great story-line this drama also gave us the perfect romantic story. Anyone who loves a romantic story with a great script this is a must watch though the last two episodes where unnecessary.

I could keep writing more but that would spoil the drama for you :p

shireenmanu.92 4.5

This is such a simple yet powerful story. I heard that the writer of this drama was inspired from Song Song Couple. It' s a beautiful take on the hardships a couple face when the women is older than the male. 
This drama also touched on social issues like sexual harassment at work place and also the rampant blackmailing by exes using private photos of their girl friend. They showed  the situation through the woman's eyes and that helped a lot of woman and people in general realize how hard it for woman even in this day and age.  

Story aside the chemistry was amazing. Two of the best actors. Highly recommended. :)