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cover image Moment at Eighteen

Moment at Eighteen (2019)

10 Ratings 16 Episodes

Eighteen can be a difficult age in a Teen's life. Figuring out life, career, friendship and getting to know oneself is a struggle. The story follows the life of a unexpressive eighteen year old boy who joins a new school and has to adjust to the new environment.


  • Ong Seong-wu
  • Kim Hyang-gi
  • Shin Seung-ho


  • Sim Na-yeon


  • Yoon Kyung-ah
  • Coming Of Age
  • Youth
  • Drama
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clarerose.lili 4.5

Why isn't this drama getting the attention it needs. I will put it out to the world- THIS DRAMA IS A MUST WATCH.

First and foremost, I am in love with the characters. 18 is the best age where people discover themselves while go trough a truck load of problems. This drama did a great job in making us understand the pressures and complexities 18 year olds go through.

2 episodes down and I am in love with it, the story is simple because the drama is CHARACTER ORIENTED. First episodes introduced the three main characters - Choi Joon Woo played by Ong Seong Wu is a silent boy who wants to be a nobody. Yoo Soon Bin (Kim Hyung Gi) is a soft heart who is 24/7 monitored by her mother. Ma Hwi Young (Shin Se Kyung) is the class leader, he hates being compared to others and he can hold resentment like no other. 
Joon Woo wants to remain a nobody, he doesn't want to get involved with anyone to avoid any negativity  around him. This way he feels he wouldn't burden his mother, who he loves a lot. But being this way has gotten him into more troubles lately. But we see him finally stand fore himself in EP2 which was one of my personal favourite moments.

Soo Bin is a compassionate girl, she finds it weird that Joon Woo keeps trying to avoid her. This cause her to become more curious about him. She  will be the reason Joon Woo will become somebody from a nobody. She is also the only person who believes in Joon Woo while the rest of the kids think he is a thief. I loved their interactions. Those moments were so cute and funny.

Moving on to Hwi Young, he looks like one of those dudes who act cool from outside but hold back their emotions. He might seem perfect in people's eyes as he is the class president and is good with studies, but what kids don't know about him is how he is constantly let down by his parents who compare him to his elder bother who is a genius of some sorts. He hates being compared so much so that he can end up doing silly things. He has a serious condition of scratching himself which was a result of how his parents treated him. He also knows Soo Bin from a very young age and he knows everything about her, so he gets frustrated of not knowing that Soo Bin is already a friend on Joon Woo. There is so much to Hwi Young's character that I am looking forward to his character the most.

These characters were written with an intend for us to understand their underlying issues that made them the way they are. Which I feel is a genius way of educating people that there is more layers to a person than we know. So always be kind and compassionate about the people around you.

Do watch the drama.

sangeetha.surup 5.0

Absolutely loved the show.Currently binge watching the episodes for the second time.Characters are very adorable and are so relatable that it reminded me of my teen years!😍

shireenmanu.92 5.0

Can't wait for this drama to air. In few minutes of the trailer you can seen how good Ong Seong Wu's acting is. I think they made the best decision casting him in the drama. And and and I have seen Shin Seung Ho in A-teen, now seeing him here for a longer duration will be exciting. Let's not forget Hyang Gi, I think she will be the glue to their friendship :)

Update:  Moment At Eighteen First Impression 
First episode introduced us to the main characters and I am in love. Each character has it's own complexity but the story is a simple one. 
This drama is character driven rather than story driven so we will see a lot of character reveal and development for which I am super excited about. Also notice these small moments in the drama that pulls us back to our school days. ( Asian kids can relate ) he he.  
 Ong Seong's character is particularly my favourite because of how relatable it is. He is so used to people looking down on him that he doesn't bother reacting  to such incidents. It amazes me how well Ong Seong suited the role.  I am rooting for this character. 
I loved the direction of this drama. It's more of a coming of age drama than a youth drama. It's as though they are growing right in front of our eyes( if that makes sense ) 
I am more curious about Shin Seoung's character. There is a reason why he acts the way he does. He has always been the least favoured child by his parents and speaks volume about his character. I wouldn't say he is a bad human but rather a kid who hasn't come to understand himself yet. I hope to see changes in his character to a more positive one. 
This drama also shows how 18year olds have so much pressure form their parents and the society at large to be on the top. It's