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cover image Doctor John

Doctor John (2019)

21 Ratings 32 Episodes

'Doctor John' also known as 'Doctor Room' is a medical drama about doctors that specialize in pain management. A top doctor in anaesthesiology is a known genius in his field but is arrogant. He teams up with another doctor who is warm and understanding. Together, they try to figure out the cause of bizarre chronic pain of their patients.


  • Ji Sung
  • Lee Se-young
  • Lee Kyu-hyung
  • Shin Dong-mi


  • Jo Soo-won


  • Kim Ji-woon
  • Medical
  • Drama


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lovekogreen 5.0

I love everything about this drama specially because they are not afraid to tackle sensitive medical cases and they focus on empathy which I think is very important for all doctors and nurses to have for their patient. I really love the plot! All the actors are good but Ji Sung and Lee Se-Young are superb! When Lee Se-Young cries, I cry. I can really feel their emotions through their acting. They also have very good chemistry despite their age gap. I am hook with the development of their relationship.

clarerose.lili 4.5

First thing that got me into this drama was Ji Sung. I have been waiting for this drama for a long time now.
The drama started off really good, there were a lot of mysteries surrounding ji sung's character that is yet to be revealed. He is a doctor but is serving prison time for three years on a murder case. He hides his identity as a doctor and helps inmates who are ill like a shadow. Ji Sung's acting abilities are top notch in this drama. He made me more curious about his character - his past and his truth.  Looking forward to more character reveals in the coming episodes.

Next up is the Lee Se-young's character who is submerged in guilt and lacks confidence. She starts working in the same prison where Ji Sung is an inmate. She has her own traumatic past - she dropped out of residency after a malpractice. She cannot stop blaming herself for the mistake she committed hence her self esteem has dropped low.

It's great to see how she is opening up to Ji Sung's character but things are about to take drastic turns in the future episodes.

The one thing I disliked was the fact that a traumatized doctor went to work in a prison. Who would ever do that in reality. But apart from that I am hoping to see her regaining her confidence and finding out Ji Sung character's past.

I loved that medical drama can be so different and unique in its own ways.

hashiimocca 5.0

Love this so much... it makes me know about cipa, fabry etc

fernandowjh 5.0

I love this drama...
Ji Sung is a super good actor

selmadarkgirl 5.0

I'm not sure if it's because of the fact that I'm a crybaby, but each time patients explained their struggles with their illnesses l try to hold back from crying. The emotion actors put seem so sincere. The part with a woman with deformed face who didn't want to face her son made me pause several times just so l can collect myself and continue.

hellboi86 5.0

Chanced upon a snippet of this drama from episode 1 and it caught my curiosity. Decided to watch it after much hesitation because I’m not a fan of Kdramas, but after the first episode I couldn’t stop. The suspense, the action from emergencies, the love story (it was just right). And the ost is one of the best. Always tugging at your emotions at the right time. Really a must watch.

respito 5.0

One of the best korean med drama. Love the casts, their chemistry and everything. Wish them get many awards including best couple.

hasneenfarzan 5.0

Loved everything about this drama