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cover image Strangers from Hell

Strangers from Hell (2019)

5 Ratings 10 Episodes

'Strangers from Hell' also known as 'Hell Is Other People' is a story of a country boy who gets a small job in Seoul. He moves into a cheap apartment with common a bathroom and a Kitchen. He becomes wary of his neighbors who seem very suspicious and strange. This drama is an adaptation of a famous webtoon with the same name.


  • Im Si-wan
  • Lee Dong-wook


  • Lee Chang-hee


  • Jeong I-do
  • Thriller
  • Drama


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shahrukh.gunnar 4.0

Do we finally have a psychological thriller that's good? I think so. The creep factor in Strangers from Hell is certainly there, but there's only so much slashing you can do before it gets boring. The rest is dependant on the plot to keep the audiences engaged and I think it does a good job despite having pacing problems and the repetitiveness in the plot. 

A huge kudos to the directors here - the make you feel the claustrophobia and the loneliness. Nobody seems trustworthy and our lead feels helpless, fuelling his paranoia and distrust and he tries to start a new life. The actors do a fine good job expressing these emotions, both when to try to suppress it to seem normal and when it bursts out as psychotic rage. 

Despite its problems, the show is a must-watch for the horror/slasher fans. These are rare risks in the K-Drama sphere and will be appreciated by the audiences.

clarerose.lili 4.0

"One of the finest directions I have seen in a TV series. "

Stranger From Hell Review/ First impression: 
Strangers from Hell is that psycho-thriller drama you would want to watch even though you would be scared for life. The curiosity and the way the show has been directed  will leave you gut-wrenched. The characters, each scarier than the other is just what makes the drama an epic  one with the awesome direction ofcourse. OCN knows how to make a good drama that actually looks like a movie. Hope, this feel is kept throughout the show. 

In the first two episodes, a lot of things took place, we got introduced to Im SI Won's character and the hostel with his weird house mates. Im Si Won is just your common guy trying to make a living but ends up living in an questionable apartment where there has been mysterious deaths of not just people but animals too. As scary and tiny as the apartment may seem, it's no match to the creepiness of his hostel mates. Each character is so well crafted and the actors have played an amazing role portraying the dark characters.  But the stellar performance was of Lee Dong Wook. Never could I wonder him taking up such a challenging role. His creepy charm will run in your head all day long and not in a good way :p . He plays the role of a dentist, who seems to be the leader of the housemates. May be he is the one behind all the killings or may be time will tell. LDW really shines in this character. He amps up the fear factor of the show and leaves us hopelessly scared.

The story is yet to be build, but the 2 episodes sheds the light to what the show will offer in the future episodes. I am so trilled and excited for the future episodes and waiting for where the story will take place. For the same reason I have not read the webtoon, so I can keep anticipating for the future shows and be ready to get shocked.

If not for anything, you should watch this drama for it's direction.

Who is this drama for?
For people who love thriller and psycho related dramas. 
There is no romance, no lighthearted moments. Right from the beginning it has been a thrilling drama. If you don't mind being scared then this is a highly recommended drama. Great acting and exceptional direction from a rookie director Lee Chang-hee.

More reviews coming sooon...

jeremyramen123 5.0

Loved this drama so unique and aaarghh.