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cover image Graceful Family

Graceful Family (2019)

9 Ratings 16 Episodes

A TOP team managers the affairs of the family who owns a large conglomerate named MC groups. Their duty is to cover up the illegal activities and damages done by the family. But Heo Yoon-Do, a newly appointed lawyer helps the heiress of MC groups to uncover the mystery surrounding her mother's death that took place 15 years ago.


  • Lim Soo-Hyang
  • Lee Jang-Woo
  • Bae Jong-Ok
  • Lee Gyu-Han


  • Han Cheol-soo


  • Kwon Min-soo
  • Park Min-kyung-I
  • Mystery
  • Legal
  • Drama
  • Family
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clarerose.lili 4.0

Graceful family Review:

Suspense, thriller and engaging, if this is what you are looking for then Graceful family is highly recommended. Since the first episode, the show has been so engaging and refreshing. The main characters are so well written and the plot line is amazing but the last few episodes seem to be slow and out of track. Hope  the last episodes can make everything connect.

The story is about a rich family that hires an agency to cover up their crimes. The heiress of MC groups is sent off foreign after her mother's death. To uncover the mysterious death of her mother, she comes back to Korean and hires a lawyer to unravel the secrets behind her mother's death and bring justice. 

I loved the story of this drama and how the plot and character was developed initially. Mo Seok Hee  - the femme fatal lead and her refreshing personality made this drama even more fun and entertaining to watch.

shahrukh.gunnar 3.5

Well, there's nothing Graceful about this family, to be honest. 😂 The business empire built on top of lies, deceit, and death. A death of which has affected the lead 'Mo Seok-Hee' very hard, who happens to be her mother. The sadness lingers on and Mo expresses it out by putting an arrogant face of herself to the world. 

The show started off really well, but the past few episodes have been pointless to the plot. The motivations of many characters remain a mystery and there are some cliffhangers in the show, but part of me feels it is deviating or meandering instead of addressing the plot at hand. The main characters are awesome and that's where the show should focus. I hope it gets better in the future episodes.

ridatharana22 5.0

I love this drama.. I love the female lead, she's hella bold. As well there's this constant mastery and anger that keeps building and curiosity to know what's gonna happen next. Can't wait for ep15. A must watch..

adelinesiervo7 5.0

I really love this drama. From cast to the female lead, their acting skills is everything! Im Soo Yang is perfectly portraying Mo Suk Hee. Highly recommended. A must watch! ♡

madhumantichakraborty121 5.0

Loved the plot. The story is about a rich family that employs an agency to conceal their wrong doings. But the table takes a turn with the entry of Mo Soek Hee, the hidden daughter of the family. She tries to dig up her mother's murder case.
The story has every element knitted in a perfect way. It will let you hooked up till it's last episode because you never know what will happen next. Actors and actresses did a fantabulous job.