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cover image My Country: The New Age

My Country: The New Age (2019)

11 Ratings 20 Episodes

At the end of the Goryeo period, there were those who led the charge to proclaim a new age -- and the ordinary individuals who risked everything. In the making of a new age, two friends face off each other as they battle to create their own idea of a new country.


  • Yang Se-jong
  • Woo Do-hwan
  • Kim Seol-hyun
  • Jang Hyuk


  • Kim Jin-won


  • Chae Seung-dae
  • Historical
  • Melodrama
  • Romance
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shahrukh.gunnar 4.0

So the first episode has aired and these are my feeling about the show. The first thing you notice is that this show looks like a million dollars. The cinematography, the background score, the art-direction are top-notch. K-Dramas today can match the sets of any Hollywood production and that plays a huge role in the immersion of the world that the writers want to create for the audiences. 

Now, for the plot. It's a bit conventional but it will be interesting to see where the plot goes with the characters. If it takes the safe approach, then we might end up with a seen-that-before plot involving quarreling friends, a love triangle and  "kill the king" plot. I sure hope it goes in an interesting direction. Else, hopefully, the teleplay is intriguing enough.

BeckyHK 5.0

I love love love this drama.. it couldnt get any serial of  2019 so far, been watching it side by side with vagabond and i must say.. this story and plot beats out the other show in every possible way.. i hope it doesnt  go to waste like arthdal chronicles or other shows that have a good beginning but continues to dissappoint us as the show progresses.. keeping my toes and fingers crossed 💜

slugo395 5.0

The best shit!

clarerose.lili 4.5

wow, the production of this drama is no joke. The opening scene was stunning, such great direction and acting. The show is fast paced with some amazing action scenes. Set during the transition period from Goryeo to Joseon, it is a battle between two best friends turned enemies who each side with a different notion of their country. Even though, the story is a love triangle and friends turned enemies, the they plot is very unique. 

The way the story is told out is very engaging and impressive to watch. I am a huge fan of historical dramas and seeing the first episode, I think this will be on top of my list.

A must watch historical because if has all the right elements of perfect direction and acting. You will definitely fall in love with the production of this show and ofcourse the OST is the best.

lengtheblessed 5.0

Seriously I cant even find the best words to describe how extremely breathtaking this drama is! You literally chase your breath in each episode. I feel like a run a marathon as each episode is filled with action and suspense. No boring episode!