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cover image Extraordinary You

Extraordinary You (2019)

45 Ratings 32 Episodes

'Extraordinary You' is a fantasy drama about a rich high school girl who one day finds out that she is actually a side character in a comic called 'Secret'. She decided to find her real life and in doing so, she ends up meeting a nameless character. Together, they begin their adventure to discover the secrets of this comic world and get back their lives. Also known as: 'A Day Found by Chance','Suddenly One Day'


  • Kim Hye-yoon
  • Kim Ro-woon
  • Lee Jae-wook


  • Kim Sang-hyeop


  • In Ji-hye
  • Song Ha-young
  • Fantasy
  • Romance
  • Comedy
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deukjenjen 5.0

I was this type of person when decided to watch a drama I would see the plot first, the trailer, and the last were the casts. I have known Hyeyoon since Sky Castle, so does Rowoon from School 2017, and also Lee Jae Wook as well, and I could tell that they are a very good actors. This storyline already appeard on drama W before, people life in a webtoon story, but when I watch the trailer, it is really look different, there are a lot of things that make it special and pull me in to watch it. I really like this drama, it is fun, and I can't predict the plot, because it is kinda has many secret and mysterious scenario going on. I am looking forward into it, Wednesday seems too long for me to wait this great drama.

tria.rahmawati 5.0

Love this drama!!!

najwaredzuan98 5.0

really really really love this drama!

ElisaGonzalez 5.0

Just love it!!! I’m speechless Don’t have any words to describe it. Just magnificent work to the producer and their actors.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

jessiemele34 4.5

One of my favourite drama... Love this drama... All the actors are so good.. 😍😍😍

sangeetha.surup 4.0

Why is that despite Baek Kyunk was so rude to Dan through out the series,I ship them badly.Maybe he is the one needed in tumbling , Falling ,low confident Dan's life.Can't see Dan tearing up though.Altogether it was a rollercoaster series with lots of joy, sad moments.

clarerose.lili 4.5

The best Korean drama of 2019. From the story line it felt the same as "W" but it's totally different and extraordinary :p . The characters are very well written and there is unexpected plot twists in each episodes. Not a single second does it feel boring.

I have fallen in love with the main female lead. She is weirdly the best character I have seen on screens. Sweet and crazy at the same time.

Each episodes is bringing in more exciting story line that I cannot wait to watch them. It's such a pain to wait a week for the new episodes to begin.

SanisaSht 5.0

One of the best drama that I have watched till now. And I am a drama addict.

mimi.pacunayen 5.0

Haru is Perfect & Dan-Oh is really a great acterss! I certainly hope to see them in more dramas and movies. Love this drama so much! 
Yes! Extraordinary You is extraordinarily good & well worth a watch! Seson 2 please! ^____^

<3 all the cast!

suchitramukhia9 5.0

Loved this drama ❤

izdiharfairuz 5.0

Love it! ❣❣❣

FathmathNewsha 5.0

Love it

sohani.fernando1974 5.0

❤❤❤BEST DRAMA 2019❤❤❤

rinajeanejessica 5.0

Love  this drama so much ❤️😍😍

meimei.takahashi 5.0

Awwww this is so sweet and unexpected 
I loved it so so much
This is the best

jaya123vardhan 5.0


chauphanhong91 5.0

Super cute main couple. Love the personality of female role. She's never giving up. This drama is a must-see. It should have been recognized with more rating.

rakha20107 5.0


haifaumayra 5.0

season 2 please

tenzingjangchup0902 5.0

I love this drama so much specially the actress ( kim Hye-yoon) she does her role so well. I have watched so many drama before but this one is new to me with all new faces and with some unique story. 
Because it's not like other kdrama were Hero will be always riched and Heroine always does some weird things.
But here it's diff. From other's stories with comedy sort of surprised and bit of tragedy

luqmanlione 5.0

Very cute romance story. Love it!!. Wonderful story

ruzain.architect 5.0

It really hurts trying to understand the life of these characters, orchestrated. So sad, different lives in stage and shadow. Definitely one of the best K-drama I've seen yet. 10/10