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The Lies Within (2019)

review by NgatiTua

Brilliant thriller series, excellent plot with unexpected twists and turns at every corner that keeps the viewer engaged and on edge...... Superb cast, great plot, and loving the suspense..... #On We are into episode 15 down under and I can't get enough of this drama..... Could it get any better? Pure genius alrighteeeee!!!! Each character in this drama is conveyed with conviction. The Politics, physica elements, character make-up, plot and scenes gel perfectly.  The parallels are uncanny and although the viewer may have an inkling of who the villian may be, it is not as predictable as one would imagined.  Each character is fitting. We currently have 15 episodes for viewing to date here down under and I have an appetite for more!!!  I'm engaged and waiting with anticipation to learn where the storyline will lead us!!!  Ive said this before and I will say it again that Asian Cinematography is the best by far! This series is Grammy worthy!!! Actors/actresses deserve Grammys!!  There are series and movies that are worthy of revisiting time and time again and this is series is one of them!!!! If you have time, I highly recommend watching series.....