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cover image Itaewon Class

Itaewon Class (2020)

31 Ratings 16 Episodes

A group of young ambitious youths are set to take down a big conglomerate food chain and make their dreams of opening a street bar in the famous streets of Itaewon come true. This drama is an adaptation of a webtoon with the same name.


  • Park Seo-joon
  • Kim Da-mi
  • Yoo Jae-myung
  • Kwon Nara


  • Kim Sung-yoon


  • Gwang Jin
  • Drama
  • Youth
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nataliabacker 2.0

The second part was pure disappointment. Saeroyi should have ended up with Soo ah not Yi seo. Yi seo was just pure annoyance. She is like a saesang fan. I don’t recommend this serial cause of the second part. Guen soo being the villain just didn’t suit. I am a big fan of Park Seo joon and in all honesty this was his worst drama.

ariyobolt 5.0

The show made me want to fall in love, the show is so incredible that I had to follow the actor, and I download all the songs used in the movie despite I don't understand Korean language I still download the songs. The show is amazing.

ConDelaVegaAniciete 5.0

More support on this amazing kdrama ❤️

ridatharana22 5.0

Such an incredible series 😭😭 I love everything about this show..

1616sabrina 5.0

Unique plot ++ love that the actors can really portray and express the main characters well, it really brings out the main characters to life! Also love that this drama educates society about things like racism, gender equality etc

fatlumezeqiraj5 0.5

I don’t like yiseo, as someone said she looks like a saesang, and she didn’t deserve to be with saeroyi,,, tbh i’m so annoyed by her attitude. And there’s sooah, she deserved much better, she has no one close, no family and no friends. That’s why i liked the first episoded of the drama better.

pianarvaja7 5.0

I seriously can't move on to the drama itself, i really love how the drama did not just focused on the main role but also on the other, it just amazing!! Congratulations to ALL!! this will be my favorite drama!! To the Danbam squad you really are the best, and to the jangga co. THANKYOUU

randizon045 5.0

the best k drama i've ever watch. I love Yi seo and Saeroyi. They deserve each other. Yi seo deserve to be with Saeroyi. <3 through ups and downs, Yi seo was there for him.  She didn't want  Saeroyi to suffer alone.  She didn't want Saeroyi"s nights to be bitter. she helped him a lot. And i admire Yi seo more when she said that she will kill whoever mess with saeroyi. she won't let anyone mess with him. i love them both. Goodjob IC!!! <333

itsstillmebut 5.0

This was one of the best series I’ve watched so far
Park is such a good actor...anything he stars in he is in tune with the character and has great chemistry with the other actors
The show was amazing

RollRolling 5.0

Best.  . . . 💕Encouraging drama 💕Love each of the characters

chakming.ho2000 5.0

I love the show but I wish Saeroyi was with Soo ah at the end :( I ship them a lot

zamordia001 5.0

It was such a good show!! 👏🏼

rachanadinakar 5.0

Bestest kdrama I've ever seen. Park serouyi has such a strong character, his dark past, revenge, even though he faces so much of difficulties his personality never changes. Indeed she falls in love with him instantly. This drama made me go through roller-coaster of emotions. I wish to be as strong as him. Fighting team of itaewon class!!

aliehs74beliran 5.0

incredible, beautiful Kdrama!

amara.wasim 5.0

Bravooo!!! Superb delivery interms of story, acting and direction. Must see!

anne515w2015 2.5

Sooah deserved better!! Yi seo was terribly emotionally manipulative and the series almost glorifies it. The 2nd half of the show was not it.  Geun soo did not suit a villainous act. Great concept though and rereshing to see a reverse harem lol

sndlzlnnt01251993 5.0

World class.

maryroseinso10 5.0

The best kdrama❤

GuillaumeSacksteder 3.0

Very fun at first but the female lead Yi Seo became so annoying that i had to drop 3 episodes before the end. Truely the worst character I ever seen in a fiction.

clarerose.lili 3.0

Who doesn't love revenge stories where the hero takes down the villain and it's an happy ending that restores our faith in the world order. :p Well this drama draws from the same emotion. Itaewon class is a revenge drama where the protagonist doesn't kill the bad guy but destroys the very thing that made the bad guy powerful - his big food empire.  Thought the concept was brilliant, the second half lacked in many ways which is why the three stars.
The story starts off with Park Se Ro Yi (Park Seo-joon), a socially awkward guy driven by values that was instilled by his super sweet dad.  He hits a bully who happens to be the son of Jagga's  CEO. Now Jagga is a the number one food business in Korean and this is the very reason Jagga's father-son duo hold power and can get away with any crime.  To fight the bad guys, our strong headed Se Ro Yi takes up a 10+years challenge to take over Jagga that had been protecting the 'bad guys' and build his own food empire.  The story might seem simple but the way the story was carried on was brilliant for the first half at least.

What made this drama unique was the uniqueness of characters. The simple backstories to explain the motives behind their action. As a child what influenced their decisions as adults. This was clearly shown shown for the audience to help us from not hating certain characters. It really did. My favorite characters where not the main leads but the supporting roles - the transgender and the convict turned waiter.  

I wish this drama had more character development. It felt as thought the characters grew in the background and we didn't get to see how. This happened because the story always jumped 2-3 or 4 years later. I think the writers focused more on the story and less on the character despite the saving grace of this whole drama are the character and not the story line.

My biggest take from this drama was how each individual is influenced by their parent or guardian from an younger age that shapes their character in the future. If Jagga's CEO was a nice human and took care of his son as his child rather than an asset to Jagga, his son wouldn't be the bad guy. Same way, if Se Ro Yi had a father treated him like Jagga did to his son, Se Ro Yi would very likely be the bad guy. So it's an important take that our lives are heavily influenced by the people we are surrounded by.

Overall a well made drama but the second half seemed too rushed. I loved the characters, but didn't see them grow. The story wasn't unique as such but the characters carried it through. If you want to see some amazing acting, do watch this drama.

tamangsabina057 5.0

Never giveup 💙