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cover image Tale of the Nine-Tailed

Tale of the Nine-Tailed (2020)

12 Ratings 16 Episodes

A nine-tailed fox (Lee Dong Wok) takes up residence as a human in a city in Korean. Since nine-tailed foxes are quite rare, a female TV producer persuades him to appear on her TV show. He has a younger brother who is a half human and known to use his power for personal own gains.


  • Lee Dong-Wook
  • Jo Bo-Ah
  • Kim Beom
  • Kim Yong-Ji


  • Kang Shin-Hyo


  • Han Woo-Ri
  • Fantasy
  • Action
  • Action


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faithpadre428 5.0

Love the storyline looking forward for episode 7!! Cuz I think Yeon will literally surprised about Jin A🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍😍

clarerose.lili 4.5

First impression of The Tale of The Nine Tailed:

Bringing back Korean Mythologies ,Tale of the Nine Tailed is a beautiful mythical drama about a 1000- year old Nine-tailed fox (Lee Dong Wook) who chose to give up his esteemed position as a mountain spirit after the death of his lover.  He has been since waiting for her to reincarnate because foxes can love only once :(.  In the present day, Lee Dong Wook lives in Seoul in a lavish apartment and loves to sleep and eat his Mint Chocloate icecream. Because he was granted the permission to live among humans, he is tasked with killing bad spirits who hurt human beings. He may be sad but he is funny in more ways than other like when he chooses mint chocolate ice cream over normal food or when he kicks someones ass. :p 

While he is searching for his lover, she is currently working as a tv producer for the show that focus of mysteirous creatues. She is a smart, hardworking person who can easily catch lies.  She starts beliving in spirits and mytholical characters when she met with an accident and was saved by the nine-tailed fox (Lee Dong Wook). But she looses her parents in that accident, however she still belives her parents are alive. 

To add to their sadness, Lee Dong Wook’s younger brother is obsessed with making his life miserable after Dong Wook gives up his position as a mountain spirit. What happend in the past is still unknown but we only know they hate eachother. 

The first two episodes gave us a hint on the character connections and their entangled relationhips. Why their relationships are complicated, only time can tell. So far the drama has been engaging, keeping us curious about their past lives and also giving us a small insight on the various mythical characters that are in the Korean Mythology. It’s captivating and alluring but one thing is for sure whatever character Lee Dong Wook plays he slays in it. Let me also tell you how crazily happy I was watching Kim Bum on screens after so long. He is an evil character but it’s so well balanced that I cannot hate him. His cute smile makes it hard to dislike him. :p I am rooting for both them to have a happy ending. Ha Ha

tomcup97 3.0

The 1st episode got me hooked up, but unfortunately this drama gets more boring and predictable as it goes. Some of the scenes of the main male lead and female lead were a bit awkward and forceable. Plus, there were many cliche in the storyline. Like everytime Lee Rang messes up with Ji Ah, Lee Yeon will always comes to the rescue.. And I bet this cycle will continue as the episode goes by. I was also fascinated by how it is quite similar to Goblin's story of all the reincarnation stuff, not really been of a fan of that, always where in past lives the couple had a bad ending, and the next life they would meet again and fall in love again. I just continue watching bcs I love Lee Rang and Yu Ri hahaha

aninditaghosh16 5.0

Amazing story. Awesome cast. LDW ❤️

marissatayo25 3.5

I like the twist and turns of the story hoping that the story has a good ending not with a cling-hanging type one. Actors are very good.

linaoyeo2524 5.0


goldenlily111222 5.0

Love love from Philippines ❤❤❤