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cover image Abyss

Abyss (2019)

8 Ratings 16 Episodes

After meeting an untimely demise in separate incidents, Cha Min and Go Se-yeon discover they’ve come back to life in new bodies they don’t recognize.


  • Park Bo-young
  • Ahn Hyo-seop
  • Lee Sung-jae


  • Yoo Je-won


  • Moon Soo-yeon
  • Fantasy
  • Crime
  • Romance
  • Comedy
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ahamidi9556728 5.0

Here's there a thread on why I love Abyss and why there's really more to love ( than to hate😜).                                                     

( I love parkboyoungacting in this drama she is definitely a great actress  ).  Parkboyoung is soo goodeven with her drunk acting. A fine actress indeed. Parkboyoung's acting ability as se yeon in the drama abyss was so powerful . Every emotion was felt sad or happy . A superb actress who I adore.👏👏👏 and also ahn hyoseop's acting was awesome too.👏👏👏
I came for parkboyoung , I stayed for.....👇                                                                                             

I love this serias. The message it leaves is good too. Combacking to life as yoursoul may not be what you had hoped for. 

👏👏👏  Park Bo Young! How she broadened her spectrum and proved, Yet again,  her caliber of acting. The warm and soft CHEMiSTry of Park Bo Young and Ahn Hyo Seop( the skinship too! 😊)  👏👏👏 Ahn Hyo Seop 's impressive acting, proving he's male lead material. 

 💪  Go Se Yeon's strength and courage! Love her !!  🙌Cha Min the ultimate boyfriend goals! 

❤Chamin & Se yeon's relationship: faithful love and mutual respect! #CoupleGoals. ( amazing chemistry 10000000000000/10)(it's hard to deny  parkboyoung and ahn hypseop's chemistry. You can  really feel yo worry and adoration the characters have for each other. It feels like true friends to lovers Story. Parkboyoung and ahn hyoseop succeed to make  a pure, honest, so natural performance on Abyss drama) 

Abyss really portrays the cast personality on detail in this drama. If you notice there are many things that make us get closer to the personality leading roles( lead characters). 

🎶🎶The beautifull songs and amazing musical scoring. Ugh, So Good! Can't wait to listen to the full OST! (This drama even has best OSTs too). You can feel OsTs by watching Abyss.                                 
😆The funny lee Ei Eon   and the dependable Dong heol !   

😁The weird but cute couple: Dong heol and MiDo . 

 👌👌👌The whole cast actually. The ensemble was really good ! 

Abyss  is a memorable Kdrama forever❤  I 'm rewatching drama Abyss 💕💕cause I miss this drama Abyss  cause I miss marble couple( parkboyoung and ahn hyo seop) so much💕💕😭😭😢😢❤💕❤💕

clarerose.lili 3.0

For me this drama was frankly not that amazing. I didn't enjoy the story line at all. The firs episodes were very disappointing but after a few episodes it was a little better. I Loved the acting of both the main leads, the OSTs are amazing but the story was messy for me. I think if the story better I would have loved it.

Lady-JosephineHastings 3.5

Who wouldn’t love a drama with Park BoYoung and Ahn Hyo Seop as leads, though I got hooked in when I saw a pic of Jung So Min and So InGeuk but they were only in episode one.  Unique story but had weak places in the plot and I didn’t  enjoy the last episode. It didn’t  make sense to me.
Lee Sung Jae and Kwon Soo Hyun play their parts so brilliantly that I could not like them at all.

ZiaSummer 3.5

I don't know how to put it. I had mixed feelings for the drama. All in all I enjoyed the drama. It was unique, very differnent. The concept was amazing. I know some people found it very slow. But for me it was just ok. I enjoyed the suspense in it. It was worth watching. 😍 But if you don't like a little slow drama then this isn't your cup of tea