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cover image Angel's Last Mission: Love

Angel's Last Mission: Love (2019)

6 Ratings 32 Episodes

A ballerina who does not believe in love and is cynical about people ends up in an accident and turns blind. At the same time, an angel is assigned with a task to be a cupid for her so that he can return to heaven.


  • Shin Hye-sun
  • Kim Myung-soo
  • Lee Dong Gun
  • Kim Bo Mi


  • Lee Jung-sub


  • Choi Yoon-gyo
  • Fantasy
  • Romance
  • Comedy
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ZiaSummer 5.0

I have many things to say about this drama. But first a big round of applause for Shin Hye Sun 😍 her acting was the charm of this drama. The direction was splendid. You could see how hard they have worked on everything especially the ballet part. And how do you forget how handsome the angel is. He played a really amazing role. The characters are so well put. You just connect with them. You know them like they were a real character. Also look out for how funny yet beautiful the couple is 😍

clarerose.lili 4.5

Angel's Last Mission: Love got me excited before it even started airing. since the first trailer came out, I knew it was going to be something big and it did not disappoint.  

The story is about a ballet dancer played by Shin Hye Sun, who loses her eyesight when the pieces of chandelier pierced her eyes while performing ballet. Its's been three years since she danced, but an angel is about to change her fate. The angel is a funny one, he breaks all rules to do what he pleases. On his last day of earth, he helps the ballerina survive a car crash. He wants to go back to heaven but he cannot after saving her. In order to go back, he is given a task by his senior to help the ballerina fall in love.

Moving on the actors, the last time I saw Shin Hye Sun play a role was in the drama Still 18. I fell in love with her since then. Her character in this drama is a rich heiress who loses her parents at a young age which leads her to be cold-hearted and having zero trust in the people surrounding her.  She comes off as an arrogant heiress but Shin Hye Sun played it so well that we could see the pain behind her distrust and arrogance towards others. I hope to see more of Hye Sun's acting.

 L played a seemingly wonderful role of the Angel. His character brings out the laughter in the land of sadness. He did feel like an angel lost in the world of humans trying to figure out the dark side of humanity.

Lee Dong Gun who played the other angel held on to his character so well. From the beginning, he carried on the aura of a nice guy who has a dark secret. Dong Gun portrayed that so well. You could neither love him nor hate him. He was a character that you wanted to keep learning more about.

Moving on to the story, the plot was simple yet so well put together. The story was written to make us feel all the emotions we could and boy oh boy did I cry watching a few scenes.  The characters too were beautifully written, each character felt very important and involved in the drama. A major chunk of shocks came from the character arc. The story was powerful enough to hold us till the ending and left us gasping for more. I wish I could speak more about the story but I don't want to spoil the drama.

The last thing and the most important one was the Ballet performance. I was astonished to see how well directed and choreographed the dance was. This was the first time I saw a huge scale ballet performance in a Korean Drama. I felt like watching a live performance of dance thanks to the cinematography.

shireenmanu.92 5.0

This is one of those rare dramas where everyone can tell you how amazing the cinematography was even when we don't usually pay attention to it. 
The drama was Beautifully written, it was simple and story driven. It was a proper k-drama style drama 🤭. It had the melodramatic moments , the funny moments and the big shocking events. It was a beautiful drama to watch. But what left a mark was the splendid acting and the ballerina performance tuned with the cinematography. I cannot stop gushing about the Cinematography because they deserve all the praise to make the ballet performance come to life. 
There are things I didn't like - some of the twists were unnecessary. It felt too dragged. Apart from it no other complains. A beautiful and well written drama with the best cast and crew. 

Why this drama left us sad even after a happy ending is beyound me to understand 😅. I just cannot describe the feeling. May be because the drama ended and we were left with a huge gap that nothing else could fill in.